An apple a day they say keeps the Doctor away, as a mother I have interpreted this to mean that children are to take fruits every day, different types of fruits. Taking fruits contribute to building the immunity and helps with bowel movements.

 In Nigeria, most is not all our fruits are seasonally, so I advocate for going with the season. Below are some of the ways I have adopted in encouraging my children to take their fruits.

1.Smooties-This is usually a blend of several fruits together, I use watermelon as the based, so I don’t have to use water, and you can blend as many fruits as you like together.

2.Bananas as fruits are relatively sweet and children tend to like them

3.Fruit Salads-dicing several fruits and cooling it can be interesting and colorful and thus appealing to children. You can get the children to help with the preparation, this will get them interested and they are most likely to eat them.

4. Giving exotic fruits occasionally can also be good, such as quarantine, grapes, strawberry, blue berries, black berries

5.While some may say giving fruit juice is not the same as eating fruits, I occasionally give fruit juice to substitute when we are on the road or when I am very busy.

Either eating fruits, taking them as smoothies or Juice or salads, taking fruits daily is beneficially and should be encouraged.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi.

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Olayemi Ejemai, Ph.D is married to Oluwaseun Ejemai, they are blessed with three wonderful children. Olayemi is also a professional accountant,Publisher, Author of children books, Lecturer, Trainer and a Seasoned Tutor. She is passionate about empowering everyone around her; particularly children. She believes strongly in grooming children to become confident, independent and responsible adults. Her books include; God made us all,I love my body, I am not a bully, Keeping Promises,Money Matters, My Piggy Bank, My best pet, In the right place, Doing right, The big bright light, My Daddy is a super hero, My Mum My Pride, Sister Sister Brother and A little of everything.

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