Along the way we meet people that make our path easy and we also meet people that make our path uneasy, difficult, daunting, however for us to get to our destination we need to meet them both.

The people that make our path lighter are the people that give us energy, cheer us on, encourage us/push us to go further, reach higher. The people that are difficult are people that teach us tenacity, courage, bravery, perseverance, they are people that contribute to our strength and growth, and they help us discover that part of our self that we do not know.

So, along your path, whoever you meet and whenever you meet them, whether they make your life more difficult or easier remember that the people we meet modify us so that we can become who we are meant to be.

With the difficult ones, be patient and humble, learn from the experience and remember that ultimately you will benefit. Approach them with a cheerful spirit and a happy heart, when the lows are around be encouraged, keep pushing and when you meet the good friends remember to appreciate them and show them gratitude.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi. EMO.

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Olayemi Ejemai, Ph.D is married to Oluwaseun Ejemai, they are blessed with three wonderful children. Olayemi is also a professional accountant,Publisher, Author of children books, Lecturer, Trainer and a Seasoned Tutor. She is passionate about empowering everyone around her; particularly children. She believes strongly in grooming children to become confident, independent and responsible adults. Her books include; God made us all,I love my body, I am not a bully, Keeping Promises,Money Matters, My Piggy Bank, My best pet, In the right place, Doing right, The big bright light, My Daddy is a super hero, My Mum My Pride, Sister Sister Brother and A little of everything.

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